Private label clothing, or branded apparel, is our specialty. Generally, this involves the use of fashion-forward or high-end garments, specialized printing techniques, and custom labeling/relabeling. Private label apparel is almost always branded officially by means of a custom inside neck print or woven label installation. Additionally, brands will also request other services like installing hang tags, applying a print finish, folding & poly bagging merchandise, or installing woven labels on cuffs or hems.

The following is a list of private label services that we make available to all of our clients:

The most popular way to brand your apparel. These (neck label) tags are directly screen printed inside your garments. These tags are superior to the industry standard heat-transfer tags due to their improved wash fastness.

Typically these tags are installed under the neck tape or sewn onto a shirt’s bottom hem or sleeve. Woven labels are traditionally used to indicate sizing or just showcase a brand’s logo. This addition to a garment assists in legitimizing the product as “boutique-worthy” or “retail-quality”.

There are two common installation applications for private label apparel:

1) Traditional Center-fold Woven Label - folded, clasping label typically attached to bottom hem or sleeves of garments and sewn across the top for installation

2) Box-Stitched Woven Label - square or rectangular label sewn along all 4 sides in a box shape for installation

Smoothens out print texture for a more high end finish and improves washability. Print finishes can be applied in one of two ways:

Teflon Print Finish:
This effect causes your print to smoothen out and increases its shine. This finish also improves washability.

Matte Print Finish:
In addition to improving washability, this effect causes the print to smoothen out, soften slightly, and reduce overall shine.

With this service your garment will be folded and placed in a clear plastic (“poly”) bag. This protects your garments and makes your products ready for shipment to your customers.

Individual unit labels are used to seal the poly bags. These labels vary in detail but can be custom tailored to your needs. They can range from simple: size indication only, to detailed: brand name, design name, size, website, etc. This finishing touch has become an industry standard for many clothing lines and is a great solution for simplified inventory management.

A perfect way for branding your apparel line, gaining recognition at retail stores, and creating a professional image. Our Hang tags feature full color digital printing and are available in various sizes.