Our dye sublimation printing process involves the use of a special dye ink that sublimates when it is introduced to high temperatures. This ink is first printed onto a transfer paper via a digital printer and then this printed image is transferred onto a polyester garment using heat and pressure. The ink reacts to the heat by “sublimating” in that it changes from a solid state into a gas state (thereby skipping the liquid state entirely). The dye then bonds with the polyester fabric to create a vivid, textureless, and permanent digital print.

This process not only yields vivid print colors that are washfast and durable but it also allows you to print photographic or color-complex graphics accurately.

With dye sublimation printing, you can “sublimate” your design onto white polyester garments only. You can produce your graphic as a traditional front, back,or sleeve print location on white poly shirts or you can also choose to print your artwork “All-Over” the polyester garment.

It is important to note that with “All-Over” dye sublimation printing, there are inconsistencies that will occur from print to print. This makes each printed garment a truly “One Off” piece where it will have some variation relative to the other prints throughout the run so that no two prints are exactly the same. The most common inconsistency that will occur is in the form of white wrinkles in the fabric that are most likely to appear along seams, near the collar, or around the arm pit area. Another inconsistency that can occur is called “ghosting”. This happens when the dye gas settles into the fabric in unintended areas. Generally, when ghosting occurs it will create color shadows along edges of elements within your design.

These inconsistencies are part of the nature of the dye sublimation process and there’s nothing that can be done to prevent them. For this reason, we do not issue refunds or discounts for any of these kinds of issues with dye sublimation orders.

For best results with dye sublimation printing, please design your All Over graphics with these inconsistencies in mind. For example, creating designs that are “busy” with all kinds of colors/patterns work better than printing pure solid color where a white wrinkle will appear far more visible.

*With dye sublimation orders, there will be some inconsistencies that occur from print to print. For example, white wrinkles can appear where the garment was not laying perfectly flat. These types of issues are most likely going to happen along seams, around collar, or around the arm pit area. Also, “ghosting” can occur where the dye gas settles into surrounding elements within the design and if this occurs it may result in some unintentional color shadowing within the design.

We do not issue refunds/discounts or accept returns for orders that have these types of issues.